Recent meetings

We have just welcomed Antoinette and Jane as new members of The Book Band.  There are several ongoing projects, specifically ‘Ten Ways of Seeing’ for Turn the Page, ‘Random’, an extensible flexible set of books, ‘Tangram’ which is almost completed and ‘Pillow Book’.

A new departure is that each member is pursuing a personal project, collaborating with the group by seeking and giving constructive criticism, providing ideas and suggestions, discussing possible techniques and tools,  with the intention of encouraging individual growth of individual artists.

Please post any work-in-progress images if you feel they will add to our ability to publicise work for potential exhibitions and competition, as well as completed work as high quality images (use the Upload Pictures) option to add to our private Image Gallery.

Current state of play:

Tricia: a book on shoes – for next week Tricial will test out methods of printing

Tony: the Neckinger river – for next week, make a box to put the book into

Jane: a toolbox that will contain boxes/books on the use and beauty of tools – for next week, bind the first book and consider display possibilities. Also think about writing an artist’s profile.

Caroline: a work based on stitch, amulets and personally important objects. For next week, keep experimenting with making and asking others for input. Consider paper versus fabric.

Zoe: Folded works using text about isolation, personal and in nature. Next week, concentrate on the favourite brochure structure and consider content.

Frances: No Thing So Ordinary, a continuation of the Sue Doggett project, part I is on Water.  Next week, concentrate on content, but also extend maquettes for basic triangular pyramid.

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