Another project. (Cigar display)

there are 8 apertures, the top middle one should be for BookBandit branding, and the remaining 7 are as follows:-

                      Depth         Height      Width       Bandit

Van Dyck.       4.7 cm.       6.2cms.      11.6 cms

Whiffs.            4.5.            11.9.             4.9

Domingo.        4.5.            11.9.             6.2

Picador.           3.7.            11.9.            10.00

Castella 3s.     4.4.              6.5.             16.6.                  Caroline

Castella 5s.     3.7.              8.5.              16.6

Toledo.            3.7.             16.6.             6.2.                   Frances

Idea for future


Spell Books. They really are quite easy and took everyone about 3 hours to make their books from start to finish. There are many How To’s on pinterest and the internet so I won’t post a How To here. Basically you get an old book, glue on objects or cut out shapes from cardboard or foam sheets to design the look. Then take a paper towel or napkin and using only a single ply portion of it, you glue it on over the cover, spine and back and on top of all your objects. Then spray paint it all black. Then using a dry brush technique, lightly brush on copper, gold or silver to get the raised areas to really pop!

we can adapt this idea and put content in as well

UPDATE!!!  I'm now beginning to make a few of these for sale on my Etsy shop…                                                                                                                                                     More

Another project

another photo. It’s about 28cms x 6cms x 40 cms

  • IMG_1608-4033ac09
    cigar display
    Sectioned box

Another project

I’ve just ought this on eBay, as it might do for one of the next projects

This is great Kit and love the way it can be displayed.-Caroline 👍

  • IMG_1607-64f8d642
    cigar display
    Box thing from Tony

Future themes tbd

Chinese animal categories (Frances)
Pillow Book (Kit)
Jupiter’s Moons (Kit)
The Shipping Forecast (Frances)
Exquisite Corpse (Tricia)
A Modern Fairytale (Tony/Caroline)
Uncanny Valley (Frances)
Before and After (Tony – for SAB?)
Poems of John Masefield (Kit?)
Spell Books (Tricia)