Friday 13 August meeting

Present: Kit, Tony, Antoinette, Tricia, Frances

Actions for next week:

Tony – continue working on spiral structure and 

Kit – Closure for 10s book and cyan experiments on Rivers cover

Tricia – Continue work on Shoe and Hare printing

Antoinette – complete base and shadows

Frances – Complete structure in order to consider additional content

Deadline for Tens Books: we agreed to finalise our own contribution concepts and structure by 27 August meeting, and to have a version without a cover ready to test in the cigar box at Kit’s on 10 September.

Zoom meetings: The subscription for the full version of Zoom will expire after the Sue Doggett workshop. Please could all Bandits check to see if they have or can install Skype (which may include needing to set up a Microsoft or Skype account).  From September meetings will be via Skype, which is very similar to Zoom, but it allows 100 hours free per month, with a maximum of 4 hours per meeting.

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